Tips To Abandon Old Septic Systems For The Installation Of A Newer, Modern System

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The time may come when you need to replace an old septic system. The installation of a modern septic system may also mean that the old tank and drain field must be abandoned. When abandoning an old septic system, it is important that it is done correctly to avoid later problems. Here are some tips to help with the process of abandoning an old septic system for the installation of a modern waste treatment solution:

27 February 2017

How To Survive A Nuclear Fallout

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During a nuclear fallout, an important concept when trying to survive is maximizing the amount of nuclear shielding that you will have. This is the extent to where you are protected from nuclear radiation from the blast. While the chances of being in an actual nuclear fallout are unlikely, knowing how to survive one will also help you know how to avoid nuclear radiation in day-to-day life. Types Of Radiation

7 November 2016

What's the Deal with Smog Checkpoints?

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Protecting the environment is something that the United States has pledged to support, and although there are varying opinion about how effective US environmental strategy has been, there are a few things affecting air quality and pollutant protection that have been put in place. Enter emissions control, a policy that curtails the amount of byproduct produced by vehicles and many industries in the US. If you haven't had a recent emissions inspection or feel as if you're not getting the right treatment because of emissions policies, here's some info about smog checkpoints and how they affect drivers.

17 October 2016

Characteristics Of Hazardous Waste

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When thinking about hazardous waste, most people envision a generic green sludge, produced by a factory somewhere. But in fact, hazardous wastes are not all the same. They include such disparate materials as chlorinated solvents, oil-based paints and lead-acid batteries. Even a broken fluorescent bulb from your kitchen can qualify as hazardous waste. But as different as these various substances are, they all represent a danger to the health, safety, and stability of both ecosystems and economies, so they must be handled in accordance with various laws and regulations.

12 October 2016

3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Rental Property After Suing for Eviction

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When a landlord is dealing with a tenant that is behind in rent, receiving payment for months previously owed can really be inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things. Non-paying tenants are more likely to stall for time and react vindictively when faced with legal proceedings. In order to safeguard their property against damage, theft, vandalism, vermin infestation, and condemnation, landlords must take immediate action when they no longer trust that their current tenants are abiding by the lease.

1 September 2016

Install Solar Shingles And Save

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One of the best new solar energy products to come out in recent years are solar roofing shingles. Unlike their large solar array counterparts, solar shingles are both attractive and highly functional. They save homeowners money while increasing the value of their homes. How Solar Shingles Work Solar shingles are miniature solar panels that are the same size and shape as a standard three-tab asphalt shingle. When combined together on a roof top, they can produce just as much energy as a large solar panel array.

29 January 2016

How To Deal With Spiders In Your House

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Most people aren't real thrilled when they are walking around their house and see a spider. In fact, some of those people may make an undignified sound when they see a spider, especially if it's a big spider. If you see a spider in your house and you are one of those people who aren't really happy then you are going to want to figure out where they are coming from and how to get rid of them.

28 January 2016