Tips To Abandon Old Septic Systems For The Installation Of A Newer, Modern System

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The time may come when you need to replace an old septic system. The installation of a modern septic system may also mean that the old tank and drain field must be abandoned. When abandoning an old septic system, it is important that it is done correctly to avoid later problems. Here are some tips to help with the process of abandoning an old septic system for the installation of a modern waste treatment solution:

1. Having the Waste Removed from The Old Tank

Before the old septic system can be dealt with, you will need to have all the waste removed from it. Contact a wastewater services specialist to remove the waste from the tank and the lines that go from the tank to the drain field. Not only does the solid waste need to be removed from the tank, but it is also important that all the wastewater is removed. The tank should be completely empty before proceeding with removing the top and filling it in. Having the waste removed will ensure that it does not contaminate ground water during the process of abandoning the old septic system.

2. Removing the Top and Filling in Old Tanks to Prevent Collapses

There are many different materials that have been used to build septic tanks. Old tanks are commonly made from steel or concrete. As the old materials decay, there is a risk of the tank collapsing. The top of the tank must be completely removed before filling it. You need to make sure that steel tanks are crushed before you fill in the area. When filling in an old septic tank, make sure that the area does not have any voids due to debris.

3. Keeping the Location Details of Old Septic Systems with Documents

Ounce you have finished filling in the old tank, it is also important that you document its location. Use a drawing of your property to document the location of the tank. Keep this drawing with other important documents, so you will be able to locate the old tank when needed and prevent problems if work is done near the old tank.

Abandoning an old septic system is something that you will need to do before the installation of a new system. Contact a wastewater service to get help with doing these tasks correctly, and ensure you do not have any problems in the future due to an abandoned septic system. 


27 February 2017

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