How To Survive A Nuclear Fallout

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During a nuclear fallout, an important concept when trying to survive is maximizing the amount of nuclear shielding that you will have. This is the extent to where you are protected from nuclear radiation from the blast. While the chances of being in an actual nuclear fallout are unlikely, knowing how to survive one will also help you know how to avoid nuclear radiation in day-to-day life.

Types Of Radiation

Nuclear radiation comes in three types:

  •     Alpha
  •     Beta
  •     Gamma

Both alpha and beta are relatively easy to stop. Alpha can be stopped by paper or human skin. However, those who have cuts may be exposed to this form of radiation, and it can also be inhaled or ingested accidentally. Beta requires a thicker shield to protect against exposure, but can fortunately be blocked by the human skin. However, if the radiation is ingested, it can cause major problems for the human body.

The final type of radiation is gamma. With this type, rays can pass through the entire body. High levels of exposure can lead to sickness and death. For this reason, it is essential to find shelter when you believe that you will be exposed to large levels of gamma radiation.

Types Of Radiation From The Blast

The two types of radiation caused by a nuclear explosion are the initial radiation and the fallout. Those who would be affected by the initial radiation will likely not be able to survive the blast itself, so the initial radiation is not usually an issue. The fallout is the result of debris and soot that is kicked up from the original blast. Not only is the radiation from the fallout fatal, but it can often be of a very high temperature.

Seeking Shelter

Surviving the fallout usually requires that you remain in a shelter. The shelter will have a PF (protection factor) against radiation that expresses how much less likely you are to be exposed to radiation than you would be if you were simply exposed to the open air. The better the PF, the more you will be protected.

When you believe you are going to be exposed to radiation, one way to reduce your risk is to take potassium iodide tablets. These saturate the thyroid with a non-radioactive iodine that will help protect your thyroid. However, it is not enough by itself because it will not protect the other organs in your body from radiation.


7 November 2016

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