3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Rental Property After Suing for Eviction

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When a landlord is dealing with a tenant that is behind in rent, receiving payment for months previously owed can really be inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things. Non-paying tenants are more likely to stall for time and react vindictively when faced with legal proceedings. In order to safeguard their property against damage, theft, vandalism, vermin infestation, and condemnation, landlords must take immediate action when they no longer trust that their current tenants are abiding by the lease.

Gaining Initial Access to Your Rental

After you successfully sue for and are granted physical possession of your rental property, there may still be a layover period that allows your non-paying tenant to remain on the premises. It is during this time frame that many tenants facing imminent eviction can become destructive, intentionally inflicting damage on your unit. Be prepared to clean up and repair damage from paint, bleach, pet waste, mold, or vandalism.

As soon as you have noted the extent of any damage to your property and assessed the overall condition of your rental unit, you will have an idea of how long it will take to get your property back into rental condition. Landlords lose money every month that their property goes unoccupied.

Moving and Disposing of Furniture

Although you will have the ability to sue your former tenants for the costs associated with clearing and cleaning out your rental unit, your first priority should be moving out all left-behind furnishings. Renting a dumpster is advised if you will be hauling out abandoned furnishings or heavy furniture, performing renovations, or removing a large volume of trash.

Renters can amass a great deal of personal effects, whether they have possession of a home for decades or just a few months. Having a rented dumpster on-site eliminates the need to take around-the-clock trips to the dump and saves valuable time. You can look into renting a dumpster by going to sites such as http://www.tri-statedisposal.com/

Collecting and Eliminating Trash and Debris

When a tenant is evicted for non-payment of rent, landlords must generally be prepared to clean up the mess they leave behind. Acts of vandalism and theft are also not uncommon during eviction disputes. Quickly regaining possession of your rental unit can help lead to a more manageable clean-out, allowing for you to develop your plan for getting your rental unit back into good condition.

Before you can deep-clean and sanitize your newly reclaimed rental property, you must eliminate all traces of the previous tenants. If your non-paying previous tenant abandoned the household, you could have days of work ahead of you. Rent an ample-sized roll-off dumpster so that you are certain you'll be able to clear out your property in one fell swoop, and then focus on finding new, responsible tenants.


1 September 2016

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